Founders Table: A Networking Dinner for Entrepreneurs

Founders Table is an intentionally designed networking dinner for entrepreneurs, hosted in cities all over the world:

The event is an unforgettable evening of connection, inspiration, and great food for up to 30 entrepreneurs.

Founders Table is not just another networking event, it’s a carefully curated experience designed for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and visionary community builders from diverse backgrounds and industries.

Why should you be there?

  • Network with diverse entrepreneurs: meet a vibrant mix of entrepreneurs, business founders, and community builders from a variety of backgrounds and industries.
  • Potential business partnerships: opportunities abound to forge partnerships that could boost your business revenue.
  • Reconnect with friends and peers: create and renew lifelong friendships with like-minded founders.
  • Personal and professional growth: the founders table serves as a platform for both personal growth and business development. Get motivated and inspired in your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Opportunity for global connections: with events across the globe, the Founders Table offers the chance to build a truly international network.
  • Learn from diverse perspectives: learn from the insights and ideas that only such a varied group of entrepreneurs can provide.
  • Chance to share knowledge and expertise: share your experiences, knowledge, and network with entrepreneurs eager to learn. This is a fantastic opportunity for established entrepreneurs to mentor others and contribute to the community’s collective growth.
  • Constructive feedback: gain invaluable, constructive feedback on your business ideas from peers who have been there.

Excited to join the Founders Table in your city?