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Founders Table testimonials

Teo Virban, about Amsterdam Founders Table
Alexis Damen, about Amsterdam Founders Table
Immanuel van Doorn, about Amsterdam Founders Table

My name is Simone Vincenzi; I’m from Italy, and my business, GTeX, is a training company specializing in webinars.

I joined Founders Table in London after receiving a personal invitation. I was curious to see which entrepreneurs I would meet at the event.

The experience was fantastic.
I don’t really like stuffy networking events, and this event felt very natural.
I had great conversations, found potential business partnerships, and reconnected with some great friends that I had not met in a while.

I would highly recommend Founders Table to founders and business owners who are well-established in their fields, and who are interested in creating opportunities.

I will certainly join again!

Simone Vincenzi, Founder of GTeX

Christa Romano, Founder of Digital Nomad Life Academy

I’m Christa, I’m the founder The Digital Nomad Life Academy, and I had the opportunity to join Founders Table in Bali, Indonesia.

I joined to meet other entrepreneurs, and the event was incredibly fun!
I got to meet some really cool people. The event is designed so that you’re not just interacting with the people sitting next to you. Instead, you move around, so you get to meet more people.

What made the experience so special was that it felt very non-transactional. People were there to genuinely have a good time, connect, and network. It reminds me of the expression, ‘you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.’ Founders Table is an excellent way to make real connections with other entrepreneurs.

I’d definitely recommend Founders Table, also to new entrepreneurs.
When you’re starting out, it’s hard to tap into the entrepreneur network, but Founders Table makes it so easy to expand your network right from the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.

I’m looking forward to attending another Founders Table event and hope it comes to my city again soon.

Christa Romano, Founder of Digital Nomad Life Academy

Patrick Farrell, Founder of Light Club

I’m Patrick Farrel, founder of Light Club, a community for entrepreneurs. I joined Founders Table in Tenerife and it was an amazing opportunity to meet and connect with other entrepreneurs like myself.

The experience was really cool. We all got together, shared ideas, seeing how we could potentially work together and collaborate, and had a lot of fun.

It’s great to be around people who are on the same journey. If you’re thinking about joining an event where you can learn, grow, and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs over a meal, then I’d say go for it.

I’ll definitely be going back!

Patrick Farrell, Founder of Light Club

I’m Johanna from Canada. I’m a personal development coach specializing in relationships and attachment styles. I joined Founders Table in Canggu, Bali, to expand my network.
After living in Canggu for almost three years, I realized that I kept finding myself in the same bubble of people.

The experience at Founders Table was unique and intentionally curated.
It wasn’t just a dinner with random people; it was a thoughtfully organized event that facilitated meaningful conversations and connections.
This approach made the experience far more valuable than a typical networking dinner.

I highly recommend Founders Table to entrepreneurs looking to broaden their network.
Each event is a new experience, deepening connections with familiar faces from previous events and introducing you to new ones.

The event is designed to be considerate of everyone’s experience, to ensure that both extroverted and introverted participants feel supported and taken care of.

Johanna Adriaansen, Founder of Elevate With Jo

I am Nikki Bartol, an accountant turned money mindset and money management coach for solopreneurs.
I am originally from Canada. I’ve been a digital nomad for about seven years and my home base the last three years has been Bali.

I joined Founders Table in Bali, and it was an incredible event.
I tend to be a bit of a hermit when I’m in Bali, and don’t usually network all the time. However, attending Founders Table was an amazing experience, allowing me to meet and connect with other entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurs at Founders Table were all super commmunicative, friendly and deeply involved in their businesses. They were really wanting to help each other, and dive into deeper questions about personal growth and business.

Especially if you’re an introvert, dinner events can make you a little nervous, and you might only talk to the people that are around you. But Founders Table is different.
The setup is intentionally designed to make that everyone has a chance to interact and feel comfortable.

If you’re looking to network with entrepreneurs who are there to help, to bounce ideas off, and to connect on various levels, Founders Table is the place for you.

For those with business experience, it’s a fantastic opportunity to share your knowledge and help others.
It’s like a social mastermind, which is so cool.

Nikki Bartol, Founder of Nikki Bartol Money Coaching

My name is Roy, originally from the UK, but have been nomadic for about 20 years now, living in Australia, China, Tobago in the Caribbean, Ireland and now the Spanish island of Tenerife for the last three years. In this time I have also visited over 50 countries.

I run Zen Den Coworking, the highest rated Coworking Space on the Canary Islands and also the beating heart of the Remote Working Community in the South of Tenerife. We currently number over 7000 Nomads.

I had the pleasure of attending the founders BBQ that No More Networking hosted in Tenerife, having been invited by one of my business partners, Uliana who runs Ahora Coliving.

It was a great experience. I am used to facilitating my own events, so it was refreshing to simply attend and network with other business founders myself. I met some valuable connections and was able to establish some great working relationships.

No More Networking events are perfect for business owners who are looking to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, and want to have a curated, high-end experience.

Roy Gibb, Founder of Zen Den Coworking Tenerife

My name is Kristin Wilson, also known as @travelingwithkristin.
I’m an author, YouTuber, podcaster, and online coach from St. Augustine, Florida.

I joined Founders Table in London after a friend invited me. Since I was living in the UK for six months and didn’t know many people there, I was really excited to attend a dinner with like-minded entrepreneurs and online business owners, and hopefully make some new friends.

The experience was amazing. I didn’t know what to expect at first, but once I arrived, I felt very welcomed. There were different icebreakers to get to know everyone, and the atmosphere was relaxed yet productive.
We ended up extending the dinner and going up to the rooftop for drinks and more conversations.

I would recommend No More Networking events to business owners and entrepreneurs who want to expand their personal and professional networks.
It’s not just about networking; it’s also about having fun and enjoying good food.

I’ve been to two Founders Tables already, and definitely plan on attending more.

Kristin Wilson, founder of Traveling with Kristin, author of Digital Nomads For Dummies

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