The best way is to join an event.
Once you’ve attended an event, you can join our WhatsApp Community Groups, and if you’re interested, you can join the Premium No More Networking Memberhsip, to get access to members-only events (such as Founders Growth Night).

Can’t find an event that works for you? Then, you can complete this form.

If if you:

  • are a founder/entrepreneur
  • you enjoy fun events
  • you’d like to meet other entrepreneurs

then the No More Networking founders community might be the perfect fit for you!

Most founders in the community have already seen some level of success, either in their current business, or in a previous business that they exited.

High-quality, authentic, and long-term relationships are important to the entrepreneurs in the community.

The founders in our community thrive in a culture of contribution.
They are naturally inclined to help and support other founders on their way to success.

The type of businesses they run are very diverse: online businesses, food & beverage entrepreneurs, platforms, marketplaces, AI-solutions, and so much more.

The type of businesses are very diverse: online businesses, food & beverage businesses (B2B and B2C), platforms, marketplaces, AI-solutions, and so much more.

Yes, you will automatically receive a VAT invoice for your records.

If your business is registered in the EU, make sure to enter the correct VAT number when you order (for reverse-charged VAT).

To join the events and/or community, you need to have a business, or be in the process of launching a business in the upcoming months.

Yes, at many of our events, photos/videos will be taken by the event host, and/or a professional photographer/videographer. The footage might be shared on No More Networking’s social media, website, and in promo materials to show the world about our events, so that we can grow the community.

If you don’t want to be in photos/videos, please mention this to the event host before the start of the event. We will try to accommodate your preferences to the best of our abilities. however we can never 100% guarantee that you’re not in any footage.

Event participants might also take photos/videos during the event for their own use and to share on social media.


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