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Frequently Asked Question

Our community consists of growth-oriented founder who are in the process of taking themselves and their business to a next level.

One new connection can change everything.

First, apply to join the community.
You will answer some questions about yourself and your business.
If we’re a good match, your account will be approved, and you can purchase event tickets.

We’re a community of growth-oriented founders, entrepreneurs, and community builders.
Everyone in the community is a founder or community builder, with a registered business to their name.
If this resonates with you, No More Networking might be the right community for you.

Most founders in the community have already seen some level of success, either in their current business, or in a previous business they exited (and they’re now building a new business).

High-quality, authentic, and long-term relationships mean more to the founders in our community then making a quick buck.

The founders in our community thrive in a culture of contribution.
They are naturally inclined to help and support other founders on their way to success.
They might have read the book ‘Give and take’.

The type of businesses they run are very diverse: online businesses, food & beverage entrepreneurs, platforms, marketplaces, AI-solutions, and so much more.
The selection process revolves around the individual, not around their business category.

The type of businesses are very diverse: online businesses, food & beverage businesses (B2B and B2C), platforms, marketplaces, AI-solutions, and so much more.

The selection process revolves around the person, not around their business category.

As long as you have a business, you’re allowed to buy event tickets with any supported payment method of your choosing.

In general, it is considerably less tax-efficient to pay as a private person.
If you can, pay with your business
 (can be a personal holding).

Depending on the situation, you might have to pay VAT if you purchase as a private person (whereas in many situations, businesses are exempted or get compensated by the tax authorities).
Also, your expenses might not qualify as a tax-deductible business expense if you don’t buy through your business.

To join the community, you need to have a registered business to your name.

If you’ve run a business in the past and are currently in-between businesses, enter the company details of your personal holding in the application process, and describe the new business that you plan to start in the upcoming months.

For specific events (not always available), a select number of guest tickets are sold separately (for example for Business Nightmare Stories, which is an open event).

Check out the events page to see if there are currently events with guest tickets on sale.


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