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Have fun

Our events are designed to resemble a fun activity with friends.

You get all the benefits of networking, but it never feels like you’re at a networking event.

Connective events

Large events can feel overwhelming, anonymous, and you don’t get meet everyone at the event anyway.ย 

We believe in the power ofย small events for a clearly defined target audience.

Most of our events have between 12 and 30 participants, all founders and entrepreneurs.ย 

You’ll see a mix of new and familiar faces at every event.

Intentionally designed

Have you ever been to a networking event where you only spoke with 1 or 2 people?ย 

Our events are intentionally designed for you to make many new connections.


Our events are an opportunity to share your knowledge, experience, and network with inspiring entrepreneurs, so they can have a bigger impact.

In Amsterdam and beyond

While most of our events are currently in Amsterdam, we occasionally host pop-up events in different cities around the world. Check the event calendar and join our mailinglist to stay updated on events near you.


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