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Tasca Bellota
Bickerswerf 2, Amsterdam, Netherlands


10 Apr 2024


7:00 pm - 9:45 pm



Amsterdam Founders Table: a fun networking dinner for entrepreneurs (sold out)

This event is sold out. For upcoming events, check:

Meet entrepreneurs at Amsterdam’s most fun networking dinner for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and business founders, and connect with the Amsterdam Founders Community.

Entrepreneurs from all industries, backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome to join this edition of Founders Table.

Meet entrepreneurs at a fun 3-hour dining event without awkward small talk! 🤩
  • Meet fellow entrepreneurs;
  • Expand your network;
  • Learn from entrepreneurs (how they attract clients, maximize productivity, attract and retain employees, etc.);
  • Share your expertise with the community;
  • Forge profitable partnerships;
  • Make new entrepreneurial friends.

Don’t worry, this is nothing like any other networking event you’ve attended:
  • Everyone at the event is an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or business owner;
  • New connections will spark very naturally, without cringy “Who do I talk to?”-moments;
  • You’ll receive though-provoking, business-related questions to discuss with the other entrepreneurs, so that you don’t have to suffer through superficial small talk;
  • You’re guaranteed to make new connections – even when you’re normally too shy to start conversations with new people – because you have a seat at the dinner table;
  • Connections made at Founders Table have often resulted in new, win-win deals and profitable partnerships, so that you’ll not only have a fun evening, but also an ROI to show for it;
  • You’ll get to meet many new people at every event: with the seat rotation system, you’ll get to talk with at least 9 entrepreneurs;
  • While at normal dinners you’re “stuck” with the people around you for the entire evening, at Founders Table you move around 3 times.
  • The structure of the evening, entrepreneurial conversation sparkers, and the pre-selection of the participants will have you enjoying conversations naturally, even when you’re very shy.
  • You’ll not get pitched: the event is a “no unsolicited pitch zones”: you can share about your business if it’s relevant in conversation and if someone asks, but no-one is allowed to bounce around the event with the only goal to get new clients. It just doesn’t happen.
  • For the super busy entrepreneurs: the event is designed to pack a maximum amount of new connections, fun, valuable entrepreneurial insights and nice food in just 3 hours, without feeling too overwhelming.

The entrepreneurial questions for the evening: 💡

For the dining part of the evening, you’ll be seated on a table of 4.
There are three seatings (starters, main, dessert) of 45 minutes each, which means you’ll get to connect with at least 9 inspiring entrepreneurs during the evening!

After a quick introduction (your name, your business, and what your business does),
you will get to discuss these questions with the other entrepreneurs at the event:

  1. What advice would you give yourself if you could go back in time 10 years?
  2. What is your most effective lead-generation channel for your business (getting prospects)?
  3. What is your main goal, and main challenge in your business right now?

You will discuss these questions in randomly selected groups of 4,
and you’ll be in a different group for every question.

You’ll find that you can learn from founders from all industries and backgrounds!

Testimonials 🧡

Testimonial from Johanna Adriaansen, Founder of Elevate With Jo:

‘The experience at Founders Table was unique and intentionally curated. It wasn’t just a dinner with random people; it was a thoughtfully organized event that facilitated meaningful conversations and connections. This approach made the experience far more valuable than a typical networking dinner. (…) The event is designed to be considerate of everyone’s experience, to ensure that both extroverted and introverted participants feel supported and taken care of.’ –

Testimonial from Simone Vincenzi, founder of GTeX:

‘I don’t really like stuffy networking events, and this event felt very natural. I had great conversations, found potential business partnerships, and reconnected with some great friends that I had not met in a while.’

Testimonial from Christa Romano, Founder of Digital Nomad Life Academy:

‘What made the experience so special was that it felt very non-transactional. People were there to genuinely have a good time, connect, and network. It reminds me of the expression, ‘you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.’ Founders Table is an excellent way to make real connections with other entrepreneurs.’ –

Your investment to join 🌱

If you get your ticket early, you get the best deal:

  • €57 + VAT for ticket 1 – 8 (sold out)
  • €67 + VAT for ticket 9 – 16 (sold out)
  • €77 + VAT for ticket 17 – 20 (last tickets! 🔥)

You’ll automatically receive a VAT invoice for your records.

Your ticket includes a 3-course dinner (shared dining).

Drinks are upon individual consumption (not included in your ticket), paid at the venue.

Your hosts for the evening

The No More Networking Guarantee ✅

If you aren’t 100% happy with your experience, or the value that you received from attending the event (for example: you haven’t made enough valuable new connections), let us know within 48 hours of attending, and you will receive a full refund.

The only requirement to quality for a refund is that you have attended the event.

Limited seats – sign up today

Get your ticket today to save your seat at the Amsterdam Founders Table.

Make sure to mention dietary preferences(e.g. vegetarian/vegan) and allergies in ‘Additional information’ when you purchase your ticket. 🙏

All ticket sales are final.

The event is finished.

Hourly Schedule

Founders Table April 10th, 2024

7 PM - 7:20 PM
Doors open, check in & free networking
You can order a drink at the bar and mingle with the other entrepreneurs until we get seated for dinner.
7:20 PM - 7:30 PM
Opening dinner
7:30 PM - 8:15 PM
First seating, shared starters
Question to discuss with your group: What's one book or resource that has significantly influenced your business approach?
8:15 - 9 PM
Second seating, shared mains
Question to discuss with your group: What's been your most effective marketing tactic or campaign?
9 PM - 9:45PM
Third seating, shared desserts
Question to discuss: What is your main goal, and main challenge in your business right now?
Event concludes
Thanks for a great evening!